Mac’s Bracket Projection: The Final Countdown

The Bonnies! Yes, that’s right. St. Bonaventure played bid thief on Sunday. Shrinking the bubble by one and sealing Mississippi State’s fate. The Bulldogs were all but headed to the NIT before Sunday, and St. Bonaventure went ahead and dropped the guillotine on MSU’s NCAA hopes.  Here’s my final bracket (unless Ohio State beats Michigan State in the Big 10 final):

Last 4 in: BYU, NC State, South Florida, Drexel

First 4 out: Seton Hall, Washington, Iona, Miss State

“If the committee gets drunk and puts one of these” next 4 out in the field: Marshall, Miami, Ole Miss, Oregon

Mac’s Bracket Projection: Championship Week 2.0

On the run… Will add some comments in a bit.  Here’s the new bracket:

First 4 out:  NC State, Drexel, Tennessee, Oregon

Mac’s Bracket Projection: Championship Week Edition

Once again it has been too long since I updated my bracket, but with Selection Sunday right around the corner I’m going to make sure I update a lot over the next week.

The bubble is fluid, as always, but not nearly as crowded as it was at this time last year.  Here are a few things you might notice and my reasoning:

  • UNC’s #1 seed: I’m projecting that UNC will win @Duke and go on to win the ACC tourney
  • Northwestern/Texas/Miami/BYU in over Xavier. All have similar wins vs Top 1oo, but I went with better RPIs and fewer bad losses.
  • Marquette gets a #2 over Ohio State, Baylor, and GTown. I really like Marquette to make a deep run in the Big East Tourney.
  • Murray St gets a #6. I love Murray State, but they haven’t played anyone. I can’t see them getting any better than a 5-seed.

And here we go….


Been too long Bracket Update – Jan. 26, 2012

I’ve been busy, OK! I don’t feel great about this effort, but I needed to put something out. Shooters keep shooting.

Last 4 in: Stanford, Xavier, Southern Miss, and NC State

First 4 out: BYU, Iowa State, Arkansas, Arizona

Finals Week Bracket Update

I don’t have any finals to take but I still have plenty of reason to really         HATE finals week.

  • Horrible Monday Night Football match-up
  •  No decent hoops games until Saturday
  • 8,001 Facebook posts of “I should be studying, but…”

The good news is the bubble is starting to shrink ever so slightly. Not really, but at least I am starting to see some trends and able to pick out a few teams who aren’t absolute shit. Also, I moved my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs up again (4-seed this week, up from 5). Oh and Christmas is only two weeks away….SOLID.  Enough with the drivel-dravel, here’s the new bracket:

Last 4 in: Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, St. Joe’s, Wichita St.

First 4 out: Texas, New Mexico, Temple, Ole Miss

Bracketology: 2011-12 NCAA Bracket Projection v1.1

If you thought my pre-season bracket was ridiculous then you’ll probably think even worse things about my latest bracket update. The bubble isn’t even a bubble yet. There’s just a jumbo-sized container of bubble mix spilled on the kitchen floor. Not even worth playing with but it’s been a month so I felt compelled to give some sort of update.  Here’s the damage:


Last 4 in: Wichita St, New Mexico, Northern Iowa, Virginia Tech

First 4 out: Texas, Ole Miss, Miami, Washington

New to the party: Denver, Murray St, Charleston, Weber St, Virginia, Nevada, St. Louis, Northern Iowa, Boston U, San Diego St, Indiana, Illinois, Norfolk St.

Ride had a curfew (Out): Detroit, Miami, Hampton, Tennessee State, Montana, Utah St., Villanova, Stony Brook, Oklahoma St., VCU

Puked after Jager shot, passed out in corner (WAY OUT): St. Bonaventure, Notre Dame, UCLA

Conferences with multiple bids:

BIG 10  (9)

Big East  (8)

ACC  (5)

SEC (5)

Big 12 (5)

Pac 12 (3) —Ya, i know.

Atlantic 10 (3)

Mountain West (3)

Missouri Valley (3)

C-USA (2)

WCC (2)


Bracketology: 2011-12 NCAA Bracket Projection v1.0

I spent last weekend in Dallas, TX. Undoubtedly, my least favorite American city. I blame most of this on Ricky Williams, the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, and the drunk asshole sitting right behind my family at the 1998 Cotton Bowl who just wouldn’t shut the hell up. But that’s not the purpose of this post…

College Basketball season is back. Over the next 5 months, 345 teams will go on a unique journey. They’ll stop in places like Terre Haute, Chapel Hill, Storrs, and Logan. They’ll walk into buildings like Cameron Indoor, Bud Walton, the Breslin Center, and The Pit. They’ll witness the strength of Jared Sullinger, big shots from Ashton Gibbs, the savvy of Doug McDermott, and the potential of Anthony Davis. They’ll do all of this with one thing in mind: a trip to the Big Dance. 

Dontae Jones dunks on Ray Allen

I’ll be on a type of journey as well, and it started in Dallas last weekend. I spent Friday night in my hotel room with a notepad, a few printouts, a college basketball preview magazine, and my iPhone. My goal: to pick the 68 teams whose journey will lead them to the Big Dance.

Last season was my first crack at bracketology, and you know what? I didn’t do half bad. In fact, I did pretty damn good. Better than Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm, the so-called experts in the field.

Enough with the bullshit. I give you my first bracket projection of the season. I’ll update every 2 weeks during until conference play starts, then I’ll give a weekly update. Enjoy!

November 7, 2011