Bracket Math – How did I do?

I’m very pleased with my first attempt at bracketology.  One thing I’ll have to consider in the future is the selection committee’s hard-on for RPI.  I don’t like it and prefer Sagarin ratings, so I made most of my decisions based on those numbers. Also, it appears the selection committee frowns upon schools who play a weak OOC schedule.  In the end, those two things (RPI/weak OOC) put some blemishes on my bracket.

How did I do:

  • I picked 65 of the 68 teams in the field.
  • I nailed 35 teams exact seeds.
  • I picked 19 teams within one seed line.
  • So, 54 of 65 teams were exact or within one seed line

The general rule for bracket scoring is this:  3 points per correct team, 2 points for exact seed, and 1 point for within 1 seed (exact seeds count here too). A perfect score is 408.

My score is:  65 teams (x3) =195 / 35 exacts (x2) =70 / 54 within 1 =54

Total Score:  319

How did I fare against the “experts”?  Move over ‘Joey Brackets.’

  • Bracketology 101: 64 of 68, 49 exact or within 1 seed = 299 score
  • Joe Lunardi : 65 of 68, 51 exact or within 1 seed = 302 score
  • Jerry Palm: 66 of 68, 52 exact or within 1 seed = 302 score

(Source of numbers: Bracketology 101 – They didn’t list the number of exact picks, someone had already figured them into the total. I’m going to do a count on my own when I get time later today, just to be sure.)


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